About Pitersmoke USA

Pitersmoke USA is a creation of two connoisseurs of hookah. Jack Kassamanian and Brandon Forrest Olausen. In our explorations of hookah culture across the globe we decided to form a company to provide the highest quality and most difficult to attain hookahs and accessories at an affordable price to consumers in the United States. Thru our extensive research and combined knowlege of consumer desirability and quality manufacturing we have brought to you Pitersmoke USA. We strive to provide the best quality, best service and the best prices possible. By partnering with Pitersmoke Russia we have the buying power to provide the lowest possible end cost to our customers and we have taken the guess work out of the buying process by selling all our hookahs complete Stem, Hose and Vase. All of our products are of the highest quality and will last a lifetime.  We look forward to fulfilling your hookah needs.